We Are One Degree Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) (Form 1023 tax exemption application pending) formed for the charitable purposes of:

  • raising awareness of the importance of civic education and engagement among Youth (teens to 34 year olds): knowing how local, state and federal government systems work, how to participate in them, why participation matters in daily life
  • bridging a huge gap in civic education and engagement in Youth precipitated by a national shift in U.S. school curricula away from civics to STEM education in the 1970s
  • creating innovative educational and experiential diversity programs to foster better communication and interconnection, preempt and remediate cultural and social polarization between people in diverse age, geographic, gender, race, ideological and socioeconomic groups
  • researching and developing models for rebuilding robust, engaged local and digital communities and a sense of  “We Are All In This Together” between youth and elders and across diverse demographic groups
  • exploring social media’s impact on civic engagement, education, personal empowerment and community building and develop models for incorporating technological advances into grassroots community building


We are hard at work building our programs and website.  Please check back often for updates on our progress!